Pre-Service Training

A mandatory 9 session, 27 hour pre-service curriculum, Guiding Principles for Oklahoma Bridge Resource Families, is required for all new foster families and is provided by Family for Life staff with flexible scheduling opportunities.

In-Service Training

Family for Life offers various training opportunities monthly, providing community and camaraderie among Family for Life homes. Individualized Support Training is also available to each family to address specific needs or challenges faced, Please review the calendar or contact us for times and locations.

The Legacy Family Network monthly support group provides training hours and a supportive community of other foster families while offering beneficial information and discussions. Please visit their website for more details.

Online in-service training courses cover a variety of topics and may be completed in various lengths of time.

OKDHS offers free online training courses through the Learning Management System.  

Other courses may also be purchased through Foster Care & Adoptive Community and Foster Parent College.  

The Oklahoma Fosters website offers a video library full of informational content. Please note that these videos do not contribute to required in-service training hours.