Spiritual Care

A Holistic Approach

As an agency, Family for Life supports foster families who provide a physically safe and stable environment for children in OKDHS custody. However, we believe that meeting the physical needs of these children is only the first step on their path to healing. Our mission is to restore families by working toward healing for each individual physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Spiritual care for our foster families

Choosing to foster is an important and often difficult decision. Before a family says “yes” or “no,” we want to encourage our applicants to ask God what path He may have and in what way He would have them serve these children. Fostering is a wonderful experience, but it is often full of difficulties. We want our families to find strength and peace in knowing they are following a calling straight from God.

At Family for Life, we believe what begins in the Spirit cannot be maintained by the flesh. Our prayer team faithfully brings our foster families before God, asking for Him to be actively involved in their lives and in the lives of the children placed with them. During the challenging days where efforts feel worthless or on the bittersweet days when a child returns home, Family for Life staff offer encouragement and prayers as families choose to keep trusting God one placement at a time.

Spiritual care for our children and their families

Children placed in our foster homes have experienced abuse or neglect in some capacity and often feel confused, isolated, and unloved.

Regardless of a child’s view of God or interest in learning about Him, we believe that unconditional love and acceptance promote trust and openness. By providing physical safety and emotional stability, our foster families create an environment where children feel safe to ask for help and may begin to receive the healing their spirits need.

Often, the biological parents of these children feel equally confused, isolated, and unloved. As our foster families care for children, they have a unique opportunity to invest and speak truth into these parents who are hurting. Choosing to support instead of hate, guide instead of judge, and encourage instead of condemn, we can offer these biological parents their own safe place to accept help and healing.