Our Passion

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We are a child-placing agency serving Green Country out of Owasso, Oklahoma. Our passion is not only finding homes for children but also helping restore families. Here at Family for Life, we are creating a culture of excellence that is outward focused but family centered. We are comprised of families willing to open their lives to children of all ages and sibling groups of all sizes – families willing to bridge with biological families and work daily toward a goal of reunification. As an agency, we build relationships and partner with these families who share our vision, offering emotional and spiritual support as they provide a safe and loving environment for children.

We assist in mentoring, educating, and empowering biological families while ensuring the safety of their children. So often, abused and neglected children grow to be abusive and neglectful parents who are then incarcerated or overwhelmed by the court process and have no positive support system. We believe the cycles of drugs and violence and imprisonment must be broken. Our desire is to support foster parents as they walk alongside biological parents to expose them to a safe and joyful family environment they may have never seen before. By providing encouragement and training while helping families establish a healthy community, we can begin to break the cycles and restore these broken families.