Keith Davis, MBA


Executive Director

Keith possesses the skills and spirit to lead Family for Life with purpose and excellence. He completed his undergraduate work at Oklahoma State University and received a Bachelor’s Degree before obtaining a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Dallas Baptist University. For nearly two decades, Keith’s integrity and positivity in a variety of leadership roles has not only brought success to his programs but also empowered his team members to achieve new levels of quality in their individual work. Keith’s God-given patience and wisdom in personal interactions brings forth the best in every individual as he leads at work, at church, and at home.

Keith and his wife, Ronda, accepted a kinship foster care placement in 2007, and their eyes opened to a world of pain and struggle unknown to them before. With five of their own biological children, many questioned their decision to open their home to more. However, Keith and Ronda believed if God was calling them, He would equip them. At that time, OKDHS gave their first training on “bridge parenting,” and this training became a foundational practice for the Davises as they fostered children and mentored families, developing relationships that lasted years after the children returned home.

Keith recognized that the state placed emphasis on finding foster homes for the thousands of children in custody, but an underlying issue remained largely unaddressed. A cycle of abuse corrupted these families and gave individuals little opportunity for creating a different lifestyle than that of their parents. With this passion and desire to break detrimental cycles and help families find healing, Keith has shared his wisdom and experiences through mentoring, leading support groups, and speaking at various events and trainings over the years. He now brings this vision and leadership to Family for Life, continuing to trust God will equip as He continues to call.

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.