Frequently Asked Questions

Q 1. Is there an age requirement to foster?

An individual must be 21 years old to be considered as a foster parent.

Q 2. Do I have to be employed to foster?

No. However, you must prove financial stability without the use of the foster care reimbursement from the state.

Q 3. Do I have to be married to foster?

No. Single parent families or two parent families may be approved to foster.

Q 4. Is it okay if there are additional adults in the home?

Yes. Background checks and fingerprints will be required for all individuals age 18 and older living in the home.

Q 5. Is each child required to have their own bedroom?

No. Up to three children (foster or biological) of like-gender may sleep in separate beds in a shared bedroom. Infants up to 12 months old may sleep in their own bed in the foster parents’ room. Some exceptions may apply.

Q 6. Does the state offer any financial assistance to foster families?

Yes. The state provides a monthly reimbursement per child placed in the home to offset the cost of care (clothing, school supplies, birthday gifts, etc.). Mileage reimbursement also applies in limited circumstances.

Additionally, all children in foster care qualify for free breakfasts and lunches in all Oklahoma public schools. Children under age 5 qualify for Women, Infants and Children Food & Nutrition Services (WIC).

Q 7. Is daycare available for the children?

Yes. OKDHS pays for daycare with proof of at least 20 hours of employment weekly from each foster parent. Some exceptions apply.

Q 8. Do I have a say in the age, number, and gender of the children I accept for placement?

Yes. You will have an opportunity to complete a Child’s Needs List during the application process, detailing your ability and comfort-level to consider a wide variety of attributes and behaviors. This will include the number of children you are able to accept at a time, as well as the age and gender. You may update your Child’s Needs List as needed once your home is open for placement.